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Back Country Emergency VHF Radio Program


Currently mountain enthusiasts do not have frequencies in the VHF Band to interact with logging traffic.


While they can program and license radios to use the RR’s (Resource Roads), the recreational mountain user must co-ordinate their activities with the only frequencies legally available to them, the UHF FRS or GMRS (Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service) with only ½ watt maximum transmitting power.


We realize that access to our back-country areas require planning and preparation and good communications are crucial.  There is a reason your avalanche bag has a radio pocket; these mountains can be deadly.


Vernon Communications would like to co-ordinate the licensing and administration of a VHF Radio Program.  Imagine if there was a way for mountain adventurers in the same area to connect and help each other out!!


We are currently working on acquiring our own license to provide users with an open door to back-country safety.  Using ISED’s light license policies, Vernon Communications will be able to set up users with a licensed frequency on their commercial VHF radios.  This licensing cost is a mere $45.00 per year!  


We can only be as good as we can, however with your thoughts and suggestions, we can become even better!


Any feedback is welcome!  

Kenwood Dealer