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Serving the Communications needs of the North Okanagan / Shuswap

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Two-Way Radio Sales, Service and Custom Installation

  • Kenwood, Tait, Uniden, Cobra, Motorola, Icom and more....


Cellular Enhancement for Automotive, RV, Marine, Residential, Commercial

  • Let our Experts do a free coverage study of your location. Want to find out why your cell signal is spotty?


Cabin/ RV and Scalable Remote Solar Power KIts for any application

  • Customized solutions designed around you.  We custom design all aspects of your project to deliver the best quality vs cost solution with you, not for you.  Learn with us and find out how solar can benefit you.


Mountain-Top Repeater service, Installation and Maintenance, Shared Repeater Service

  • We service and maintain many remote and difficult sites! We know what it takes to plan success.  From selecting the correct batteries or equipment hut to contracting the awesome Helicopter Pilots we use to get there, we make it painless!  Talk to us about how we can simplify your infrastructure!


Frequency Licensing, Path studies and Coverage Mapping

  • We will walk you through the licensing process, and make sure  you're not making desicions without having the facts! Let us show you how Wireless Path studes and Coverage Mapping can upgrade your communications!


Last mile, Industrial Mesh Networks, Backhaul, P-2-P, SCADA, Data and IP Microwave Radio Links

  • Wanting to learn how the right tools can give you a rock solid start?  Find out how we can deliver the mission critical connections you need in all of the hardest and extreme enviroments.


Specialized Backcountry Communications for ATV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle and Hiking

  • No matter the activity we have a huge variety of accessories to get you geared up properly and out in the bush safely.


Underwater Kenetics Cases and Safety Gear 

  • Proudly Made in Canada, at a fraction of the cost of Pelican Cases!


Consulting and Complete Business Communication Solutions

  • Dive deep into what your success is and what it takes to get there!




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Some of the manufacturers we work with....

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March 25th 2020

Were still here!!!


As the world is going through a difficult time right now dealing with self-isolation and a tad bit of panic, the staff at Vernon Communications will be still be available to help! Further government mandated shutdowns aside, we aren't going anywhere! We will continue to try and give all our customers the rockstar service they deserve!


Sometimes in extraordinary natural events we loose services like power, water, and cellular. Forest Fires start and rage through our lands in the summer, roads get washed out in the springs, internet even fails us sometimes...  When the world is in such a delicate balance, things are inevitably going to take longer to repair while under the mandated shutdowns. With shutdowns and layoffs happening the luxurys we have been afforded by proactively fixing failing hardware, and maintenance schedule repairs to public infrastructure may not be happening as quick. That leaves us the general the public where? There is a way you can stay connected even when all other services fail... The VHF and UHF Radio Spectrum!


We would like to offer our knowledge in communications to you, to help ensure you can stay connected to your family no matter what. It doesn't matter if your worried about spotty cell signal or no signal, we can help get you set up with the knowledge and hardware to be self-sustaining in your own communications.  Also, check out Vernon's own amature radio society! They are a wealth of knowledge and experience.


In this trying time we would like to assure our customers the store and products are being sanitized after every customer. We are limiting our customer visits to 1 person at a time. That way we have time to clean for the next person. We are trying to make sure we are available by request to help everyone that needs it as promptly as possible.  We will continue to man the store during our more limited hours however if we missed you, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!


Thanks Again for taking an interest in your safety!

-Your Radio Guys @ Vernon Communications and Vella Radio